The Before and After Tale of the Ruby Ring

by Nancy Troske June 29, 2020

Before Ruby Ring Re-set - Nancy Troske Jewelry

This is a valuable ring.  

Valuable sentimentally, I mean.  As far as the stone goes, it is a synthetic ruby but priceless to it's owner. She called me to say  the ring was given to her mother by her father when she was born....70 years ago. And, although the stone wasn't a true ruby, it was very precious to her and she wanted to breathe new life into it.

We chatted on the phone a few times and a flurry of emails went back and forth until I had a good sense of what she was looking for.  She browsed my site and other sites to show me her favorites.

Next came the sketches.  She received 4 different design ideas based on her likes: 

3 sketches

And chose this one:

chosen sketch


Now I could get to work which is shown in progress here:

work in progress


And here is the finished ring:

finished reset ruby ring

My customer was thrilled and here's what she said:

" The ring is absolutely gorgeous! It is stunning!  I am extremely grateful, the work is magnificent!"

 I can't imagine a happier outcome and when a customer is that happy with the piece, that is more important to me than anything.

Let me know by email or by phone at 609-444-6776 if I can breathe new life into a piece of jewelry for you!



Nancy Troske
Nancy Troske


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