Old Watch, Old Earrings, New Necklace

by Nancy Troske March 03, 2020

Old Watch, Old Earrings, New Necklace

A customer had a pair of stunning emerald earrings that she never wore and a gold watch that was too small for most wrists and could not be sized. We tried to find a buyer for it however, it wasn't working and she didn't want to put the money into fixing a watch that couldn't be worn.

Old watch re-purposed

It had belonged to her grandmother and wanted to keep the sentimentality of the watch and wear it at the same time. It was a bit painful to scrap it, though ultimately it was the right choice.  We were able to get money for the gold and keep 18 beautiful, small diamonds. 

I did some sketches, incorporating the emeralds and the gold and diamonds, into a new necklace to give to her daughter.  

Here's one of 5 sketches I did for her:

sketch for diamond and emerald necklace

Some changes were made after the final above sketch and the final necklace was made with a central, granulated disk with 5 bezel set diamonds.  The two emeralds flank the diamond disk and the entire piece is connected to an 18k gold ball chain.  

Jewelry makeover; emeralds, diamonds and granulation


Two remaining diamonds were used to make a matching ring with another old emerald ring that she had.  It was a plain gold prong setting and the emerald had a chip.  In the new ring, the chip is not noticeable and it can now be worn and enjoyed!

Emerald re-set into granulated ring

Now my customer has two beautiful new pieces that she will wear and can still enjoy her grandmother's jewelry in a new form.

Can I design a new piece for you?  Feel free to email me, I would love to work with you.


Nancy Troske
Nancy Troske


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