Ancient Coins in New Settings

by Nancy Troske August 12, 2023

Ancient Coins in New Settings

Ancient coins make beautiful jewelry, especially when set in 22 karat gold.  They make stunning necklaces, rings and earrings.  My method of setting these coins enhances the look of the coin by allowing the obverse (front) and reverse (back) of the coin to show and giving the wearer options.  The coins are never harmed or changed in any way when they are set this way and can easily be removed if so desired.

Customers have sent me ancient coins from all over the globe.  We work together to create a design that they will love and enjoy wearing.

Even if you don’t have an ancient coin to set, I have access to many reputable coin vendors, as well as coins from my own collection.  Prices go from incredibly low to thousands of dollars. I’ll help you find a coin you will love and match what you would like to spend on your piece. 

Sometimes, if a coin is really intriguing, I’ll make an impression of it and cast a replica.  These are nice too and listed as replicas on my website.

It’s exciting to own a piece of history.  You’ll wish your coin could tell you the events it has seen over its “lifetime.”

Visit my new photo gallery for some ancient coin settings.

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Nancy Troske
Nancy Troske


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