Roman Coin Single Row Bracelet

Choose Wrist Size (bracelets will be made 1 inch longer than wrist size):

This cuff is made from pure .999 silver impressions (replicas) of an ancient Roman coin, joined  in an alternating series of fronts and backs of the coin in rows to create this cuff bracelet.  Some coins are blackened, some are vermeil 24k gold overlay, and some remain silver.

This particular coin was found in what are called “dirt clump” coins.  They arrive straight from the ground, full of mud and hardened encrustations.  With gentle, careful cleaning Nancy was able to actually see a beautifully preserved image of a Roman Emperor.  Through her research she identified it as Constantine the Great.  Constantine the Great was emperor of the Roman world from 306 to 337 B.C. He moved the capital of the Empire from Rome to the ancient Greek city of Byzantium and renamed it Constantinople. Constantine also began to shift the religion from paganism to Christianity. Some consider him to be the first Christian emperor.

There are so many different versions of Constantine coins and information on ancient coins online.  Here are a few of my favorites:  


Please note the coin is my own sand cast replica of the original coin. Contains approximately 2 ounces of .999 pure silver.  2 inches wide (50.8 mm). Each coin in the bracelet is 15 mm.

If you have your own coins, please feel free to email me to discuss a handcrafted setting for it.
Made to order   please allow 2 – 3 weeks for fabrication.

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