Persephone Ancient Weave 22K Bracelet


Persephone was the ancient Greek goddess of spring and the Queen of the Underworld and one could imagine her wearing a piece like this.   As if it were found in an ancient archaeological site, this ancient flat double loop in loop handwoven chain bracelet has 22k gold granulated end caps and emerald, ruby or sapphire accents.

Similar chains are often seen in necklaces from antiquity dating from the 7th century through the Roman period and then revived in the 1800’s.

Woven in solid 22k gold (or .999 pure silver) with granulated end caps embellished with granulated leaves and small colored stones.  Clasp is decorated with a rose cut diamond set in twisted wire bezel.

Price shown is an estimate, each piece will vary depending on the dimensions used to create it.  It is hand made to order in your size, customization is part of the piece and design consultations are available via Zoom.

For more information please call: 609-444-6776 or email me.

This bracelet can take up to 180 days to fabricate as it is completely hand made. (Sheet and wire made by hand, each link is fused one at a time). Available in your choice of gemstones.

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