Greek Rosette Cuff Bracelet

Greek Rosette Cuff Bracelet

The motif of the ancient Greek Rosette was used extensively in sculptural objects from antiquity and seen in the ancient art of Mesopotamia and Greece.  This small, 22k gold, granulated version is handcrafted and set on a hammered sterling silver cuff bracelet. The silver cuff has been blackened and contrasts beautifully with the rich, yellow gold.

Ancient goldsmiths decorated gold jewelry with granulation, a highly skilled technique known today by a relatively small number of artisans. Granulation can only be done on the purest of gold or silver. Each granule is made by hand and placed with a brush, one by one, onto the piece. It’s then heated almost to the melting point whereby the granules fuse permanently to the piece.

We offer many versions of this rosette, as shown in the gallery photos, all can be customized.  We welcome your inquiries, please feel free to email Nancy for more information.

Made to order, please indicate your wrist size in the notes section of your order.  Your bracelet will ship in approximately 12 – 14 days.

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