Ancient Weave 22k Gold & Emerald Chain

A perfect example of an ancient double loop in loop chain, hand made in 22k gold with 3mm faceted emerald beads. It has a handcrafted Shepherd’s hook clasp, typical of ancient jewelry. The faceted, natural emerald beads are looped between one inch sections. Each tiny ring is hand made into links and fused one at a time. Employing the artistry of ancient goldsmiths, the links are then woven into a chain you may recognize from ancient Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Byzantine jewelry.

See how it's done:


This classic weave has been worn since the 1st century.  A favorite of Pharaohs and made by goldsmiths throughout the ages.  These timeless chains are made to order in your choice of length and beads.  with or without gemstones, different lengths, widths and even weaves.The one shown here is about 16 inches long with emerald bead spacers about 1 inch apart.  Please email Nancy for your more information and pricing on a custom made piece. Chain shown here is available immediately.  Made to order chains will ship in 4 - 6 weeks.

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