Akrotiri Necklace

Blackened Silver
Brushed Silver

A necklace like this could have been found in the ash ruins of Akrotiri, the archeological site on the island of Santorini.  The ancient Minoan goldsmiths who inhabited the island were influenced by the Mesopotamians; the earliest known artisans to develop granulation as far back as the 3rd millennium.  

The art of granulation is a type of decoration in which minute grains or tiny balls of gold are applied to a surface in geometric or linear patterns or grouped together to fill in parts of a decoration.  It takes great skill to achieve this decorative technique. The granules and surface require the purest of metals to fuse.  They need just enough heat to bond with the surface.  Too much heat melts the piece, too little heat and the granules will fall off.

These blackened silver hollow forms are finished with 22K gold granulation and 22K hand crafted ear wires. Hollow form beads are inspired by those found in the royal tomb of Queen Pu-abi, discovered in 1928 in what was ancient Sumeria.   They have been oxidized to a black patina and combined with 22 karat gold granules on a blackened silver chain. Overall,  a lengthy process.  Also available in brushed silver and or with a gold chain. Email me for gold chain options.

Pendant is 14 mm diameter and 4 mm deep. 18 inch chain. Matching earrings also available.

Signed on the back by the artist.

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