Serpents with Jeweled Eyes - 22 Karat Gold Ring

Jeweled Eye Color
Blue Sapphire

Jeweled Serpents wrap their tails around your finger in these hand crafted, pure 22 karat gold rings.  The ancient Egyptians associated snakes with rebirth, transformation, immortality, and healing.  Art from the Old and Middle Kingdom, shows serpents carrying Pharaoh up to the lands of the gods in the sky.   Pharaohs wore them on a headdress as a symbol of kingship.

Each ring is handmade in your size and no two rings will ever be exactly alike; just like any of nature’s creatures. Your ring will have soft brush finish and a subtle texture.  Choose your eye color; diamond, sapphire or ruby.  The jewel is 2 mm and each serpent has a subtle, textured body. Ring weighs approximately 2.5 grams of solid 22 karat gold. It measures about 1/2 from the head to the tail with a 2mm round band.

Stamped with hallmark.  Please allow 10 - 21 days for fabrication. Price shown is for one jeweled serpent ring.

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