Sunlight Earrings

Sunlight captured in earrings of brilliant white and sunny gold; hand granulated with 22 karat gold, silver and diamonds.  Sparkly diamonds are set with 22k bezels in a sun shaped pattern on 18 karat post backs.  Suspended from the diamonds are lightly textured, grooved, silver hollow forms with a decorative 22k granulated design along the edge, for a flash of extra light and sparkle. Open in back for comfortable wear. 

The art of granulation is a type of decoration in which minute grains or tiny balls of gold are applied to a surface in geometric or linear patterns or grouped together to fill in parts of a decoration.  It takes great skill to achieve this decorative technique. The granules and surface require the purest of metals to fuse.  They need just enough heat to bond with the surface.  Too much heat melts the piece, too little heat and the granules will fall off. This highly specialized technique is done with a goldsmith’s alloy of 98% pure gold specially formulated to fabricate 22k sheeting and wire. 

Hollow form beads are inspired by those found in the royal tomb of Queen Pu-abi, discovered in 1928 in what was ancient Sumeria. Overall, a lengthy process that yields lightweight, easy to wear earrings. These hollow forms have recently been revived for metalsmiths.

18 karat post backs with the "Guardian safety lock system" for secure fit.* Earrings measure 1 inch or 24.5 mm from ear lobe. Diamond total weight is ¼ carat.  Signed on back. 

These would be stunning earrings for a bride.

 *Earring System: Post & locking back set 
Earring Back Type: Premium security back
Functionality: Comfort pad triggers positive-locking clutch. Limited force required when inserting earring post into clutch to provide a secure hold.  

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