Ancient Roman Glass Ring

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Ancient Roman glass comes from archaeological sites in the Middle East and Mediterranean.  Most of it was originally some sort of vessel, but over time broke into small pieces which were then shaped by modern sellers into smooth pieces, ideal for jewelry. Sandy dunes and beaches contributed to the rise of Roman glass making. Over the centuries, time and environment has given the glass a luminous iridescence and fascinating patina. Blues, greens, browns and the occasional red are the most frequently seen colors.

Ancient Roman glass pieces found in excavations have been smoothed and rounded into shapes perfect for bezel settings.  Each piece of glass is unlike any other and colors will vary.  Each ring has a hand picked roman glass "jewel" with a 22K granule accent in the center.

These are made to order in your choice of silver, vermeil, or solid 22 karat gold. Each piece of glass is completely unique, your ring will be similar but not exact.  

Available in whole and half sizes 6 to 12. 

If you would like to choose your glass piece, please email me and I'm happy to send a photo of your choices.


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