Leaves and Berries Gemstone Ring - 3 colors

Choose Gemstone:

Bright 22 karat gold leaves enhance a luscious cabochon set between them. Each leaf is granulated with a random pattern of branches and berries and cut into a small leaf, made individually, no two are alike. 

Granulation is an ancient technique, mastered by relatively few goldsmiths. The technique is evident in museum collections featuring ancient jewelry. The 22k gold is a special alloy made in my studio, giving it a purity of 98% gold. I then creates sheet and wire from this alloy for fabrication. Ring band is sterling silver with a 6mm low dome profile.

Choose an orange hessonite garnet, an aquamarine or a prehnite center stone, stone may vary slightly in color from the photo.  Gemstones are approximately 12x14 mm ovals, some may be a bit larger or smaller, as each is hand cut.

Ring stamped with hallmark.  Made to order in your size, ships in about 14 days.

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