Iolite and Diamond Leaf Ring - SOLD


A lovely, violet faceted Iolite in a sparkly honeycomb cut is set in a 22K gold bezel accented with a 2mm diamond between two golden leaves. It sits on a half round sterling silver ring shank and has a soft, brush finish.

Iolite is an unusual gemstone that has “pleochroism” meaning it can show different colors when viewed from different directions. Iolite’s strong pleochroism makes it an effective light filter. Early Viking navigators used thin slices of it as glare-reducing filters to protect their eyes when looking up into the sun to determine their ship’s position. This interesting feature gives gem cutters a challenge; a well cut stone will show as a beautiful blue or blue violet instead of a smoky brown. Cutting orientation will drastically affect body color.

Available in whole and half sizes from 6 - 12.  Signed on the back.

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