Helena - Tanzanite Oval Ring


Tanzanite was discovered in the hills of Northern Tanzania by Masai tribesman and remains the sole source of Tanzanite to this day. An extremely desirable gemstone, it can show two colors – blue and violet – depending on the way the light hits the stone.  Each stone is handpicked by the artist for an individually created ring. The gemstone is set in a pure 22k gold bezel and accented with three granules on each side. Granulation is an ancient decorative technique and can only be done with the purest of metal. To bring out the blue-violet of the stone it is set on a pure silver back sheet. The ring band is sterling silver and is hand tapered on the back of the ring for a comfort fit. Each gemstone has its own unique “character characteristics” seen in the crystal structure of minerals like a fingerprint.  The GIA has this to say about Tanzanite:  “Lush blue velvet. Rich royal purple. Exotic Tanzanite is found in only one place on earth, near majestic Kilimanjaro.”

The Tanzanite in this ring weighs approximately 8 carats and is about 14 x 12 mm, however that can vary somewhat from stone to stone. All stones are hand picked for unique characteristics and color.  Read more about Tanzanite.

Signed on the back by the artist.

Available in size 5 to 12 in whole, half sizes, will ship in about 14 days.


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