Green Ice - Tsavorite Cabochon Granulated Ring

An unusual color for Garnet (January birthstone), one doesn't often associate the color green with Garnet. This hard to find Tsavorite Garnet has been set in a 22 karat gold, granulated bezel. The simple, classic, half round ring band is 18 karat. Rich yellow gold combined with the lush green of this cabochon is an unbeatable combination.

Recently, Tsavorite has earned its place as one of the world’s finest colored gemstones. Its stunning, pure green hues, durability, purity and rareness have attracted gem collectors and jewelry lovers alike.

Tsavorite Green Garnet Tsavorite was discovered by British geologist Campbell R. Bridges in 1967 and named by Harry Platt of Tiffany & Company (New York) who immediately recognized its potential due to its gemological pedigree and named it after the Tsavo Game Reserve in Kenya, the area of its discovery. Though Tsavorite is found in both Tanzania and Kenya, the very finest Tsavorite, with the purest green hues is still only found in Tsavo, Kenya.

This remote, lion infested bush-land along the Kenya-Tanzania border, an area of raw beautiful African wilderness has a history of violent volcanic activity and due to these volatile geological conditions under which it forms, Tsavorite is only found in relatively small sizes.*

*(excerpts from an article by Nicky Thomas at

Stone measures 6 x 10 mm, ring band is 4 mm.  4.3 carats. Stamped inside with hallmark. One of a kind in size 6.  Sizing can be done for a nominal charge.  Please contact me for info.

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