Roman God Ancient Intaglio 22K Ring

As far back as 5000 BC skillful artisans were creating intaglios by carving images into gemstones.  Ancient people collected them as mementos and also wore them set into pure gold signet rings.  Powerful political leaders and wealthy businessmen prized these intaglios for sealing important documents.  The seal was made by pressing the stone into a puddle of melted wax, thereby creating a signature. 

This is an authentic ancient Roman hardstone (Sard) intaglio ring* with the god Serapis, dating to the 2nd - 3rd century A.D.  The intaglio was made for a signet ring and depicts Serapis wearing his classic modius headdress.  He is a Graeco-Egyptian god, devised in the 3rd century BC on the orders of Ptolemy I of Egypt as a way to unify the Greeks and Egyptians in his realm.  Intaglios vary in quality of carving and this one is quite sharply detailed.

This rare and unique Intaglio is set in an ancient style, 22 karat gold, granulated ring.  

Intaglio measures 11.34mm x 7.93mm x 3.34mm.  Available in size 10 immediately, sizing is available for a nominal fee.  One of a Kind.

This intaglio was purchased in London and the Certificate of Authenticity from the seller will be sent with the ring.

*The intaglio is ancient, the 22 karat gold setting was  hand fabricated by me.  

If you are interested in a similar intaglio ring or have one of your own to set,  email me for details. 



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