Anuket Egyptian Spiral 22K and Emerald Earrings

Anuket was the first Egyptian goddess of the Nile river, celebrated when the Nile began it's annual flooding of the delta.  Egyptian agriculture depended on this seasonal flooding to deposit needed nutrients  to enrich soil.  This is when the Festival of Anuket would begin. People celebrated by throwing coins and jewelry into the river, thanking Anuket for her gifts. 

Anuket could have worn earrings like these at the Nile festival.  Spirals symbolized rebirth, which is what the Nile did every year for ancient Egypt. Emeralds were a gemstone often seen in ancient Egypt, their green color symbolized fertility and rebirth.

The earrings are hand fabricated from silky smooth,  solid 22 karat gold.  They have a feel that is like no other metal on earth.  Small emerald beads are suspended from the bottom spiral. These are made with my 22 karat gold alloy using ancient jewelry making techniques.

Please allow 10 - 14 days for fabrication.

Measurements: 1.5 inches long, .50 inches wide

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