Crete Rings - Alexander Chrysoprase Ring


A strange legend tells of Alexander the Great and his beloved Chrysoprase gemstone. He believed the stone brought him luck in battle, making him one of the most successful, undefeated military commanders in ancient Greece. It was said that Alexander lost his precious chrysoprase while bathing in the Euphrates River and never again won another campaign. Chrysoprase was prized by the ancients Greeks, finding its way into seals, signets and other jewelry because of its vivid green color; the name is derived literally from the Greek translation.

Reminiscent of the ancient world, this ring has a stunning Chrysoprase center and 22k granulated circles on each side.  Granulation is an ancient technique, mastered by relatively few goldsmiths. It takes years of practice using the purest of metals. Each tiny granule is made by hand, and making enough for one piece of jewelry can take weeks, then placed one by one using a tiny brush. The piece is heated almost to the melting point. At that precise moment, the granules fuse and become one with the item being granulated. The technique is evident in museum collections featuring ancient jewelry. The 22 karat gold is a special alloy the artist makes, giving it a purity of 98% gold. She then creates sheet and wire from this alloy for fabrication.  Ring band is sterling silver.

Signed on the back.  One available immediately in size 7.5, all other sizes please allow 14 - 21 days for fabrication.

*please note colored stones, including diamonds, may have been heat or otherwise enhanced for color.

Photo © Cole Rodger 

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