Authentic Egyptian Scarab Swivel Ring in 22 Karat Gold

A rare chance to own an authentic, 3000 year old faience and paste scarab, set in pure 22 karat gold in an ancient inspired mounting. This authentic Scarab measures over 3/8 inch, with no erosion on the top surface and no loss of detail in the hieroglyphs underneath; dates back to circa 1300 BC, the New Kingdom of Egypt.

Scarabs were worn as jewelry and amulets in Egypt. Being a common form like a charm, everyone could afford to suspend from a cord and wear as a necklace. They were already known in the Old Kingdom, and in the First Intermediate Period, the undersides were decorated with hieroglyphs. Scarabs are the most numerous amulets and were produced well beyond the dynastic periods. They were used and worn by both rich and the poor. They are seen in a wide variety of materials, such as carnelian, lapis lazuli, basalt, limestone, malachite, schist, serpentine, turquoise, colored glass, ivory, resin, steatite, bronze and alabaster. Along with the pyramids, sphinxes, and mummies the scarab amulet is probably the most familiar object representing Egypt.

 This is designed as an ancient style swivel ring, to show either the front or back.  The scarab has its own 22k bezel and attaches to the band with wire that runs through the center hole and wraps around the ring shank to form a hinge. The artist deliberately left some hammer marks in the solid 22 karat gold to bring out the handmade, rustic quality;  as if it had been found in an excavation and survived the centuries as the scarab did. 

Stamped with artist hallmark. Certificate of Authenticity included.

Will fit ring size 7 to 8.

One of a Kind.




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