Golden Wheat & Pearl Earrings

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22k Golden Wheat & Pearl Earrings

In antiquity, wearing gold jewelry was the privilege of Pharaohs, Emperors and Kings. Because it retains its luster and color, it was equated by the ancients with power and immortality. Nothing compares with the richness of the pure gold. In ancient times they didn’t alloy their gold, they used it straight from its source and you’ll often see streaks of copper running through ancient pieces. Nancy takes 24k gold and alloys it in her studio to give it strength, yet it keeps its golden brilliance. Only the purest of gold will work for granulation and fusing.

These 22k gold triangles have been imprinted with a subtle wheat pattern and embellished with three small white Akoya pearls, 3mm round. The earrings hang on handmade 18k french ear wires. Each earring is signed by the artist.  Earrings will ship in 10 - 14 days.

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