Poppy Cuff Bracelet - SOLD

This bold and unusual cuff bracelet is a hand fabricated poppy created with the ancient technique of chasing and repousse. 

Made entirely by hand, the petals and leaves are formed with repousse from the back  and chased on the front to give it movement and dimension. It begins with a flat sheet of pure silver.  The design is drawn on the front of the metal, set in a bowl of pitch and outlined (chasing). Drawing complete, the piece is removed from the pitch, flipped over and put back into the pitch.  Volume and movement are created from the back (repousse). This process can take days.  The shape is refined by working the back and front until complete.  The flower is then oxidized to bring out texture and buffed to a semi-gloss polish. The back is left open to allow the tool marks from the process to be visible. The poppy is pure .999 silver and the cuff has a sturdy, wire frame in sterling silver.

Signed on the back and adjustable for 6 to 8 inch wrists.

Each piece is one of a kind.

Custom requests are welcome, please allow up to 2 - 3 weeks for fabrication.


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