Ancient Weave Bracelet

Ancient flat double loop in loop handwoven chain with 22k gold granulated end caps and emerald accents.

This chain is seen in strap necklaces of antiquity from the 7th century through the Roman period and then revived in the 1800’s.

This bracelet is woven in solid 22k gold.  The end caps are fashioned with granulated leaves set with small, 3 mm emeralds. They hinge together with a 22K gold tube and a white gold bar, decorated with a rose cut diamond set in a twisted wire bezel.

Gold or silver wire is wrapped around a dowel and made into a coil. The coil is cut to make hundreds of small jump rings. Each individual jump ring gets joined and fused together, one by one. After hundreds of these rings are fused together seamlessly, they are shaped into “figure eights” and soldered together in rows of 5. Only then does the actual weaving of the chain begin. This process from creating the coil to weaving the chain takes many weeks.

Once the chain is made to the correct wrist size, the end caps are created to fit snugly on the ends of the chain. They are decorated with granules (more on granulation in  The Process).

The hinge is created with hand fabricated 22k gold tubing. The hinge piece is hand made from 18k white gold and capped with a rose cut sapphire.

A safety chain is hand woven in an ancient single loop in loop weave in 22k gold.

If you prefer other gemstones, please contact me for pricing.

Price on Request.  Feel free to call me at: 609-444-6776 or email Nancy.



Made to Order in your size.

Please allow 12 weeks for fabrication.


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