Twilight Ring - Granulated 22k Tourmaline

A sparkle of pink, the color of sunset, the glowing sun as it sinks into the ocean  - this is the inspiration for this completely hand fabricated ring; made in the traditions of ancient goldsmiths.  

Granulation is extremely specialized and exacting, requiring the purest of metals and the highest skills from the artisan. It is an ancient method of decorating metal using basically the same methods employed in antiquity. Each tiny granule is formed by hand. This can take several days. When hundreds of granules have been made to match each other in size, they are placed one by one on the piece with a tiny brush. The piece is heated almost to the melting point. At that precise moment, the granules fuse and become one with the piece. No solder can be used. Granulated jewelry graces the displays in many museums around the world; a testament to its timeless beauty. WATCH THE GRANULATION VIDEO - produced by the Princeton University Art Museum.

Available immediately in size 9, beautiful on alternate fingers.  This ring can be sized down, please contact me for info.

Set in the center is a 7 x 5 mm faceted Nigerian Copper Pink Tourmaline.

This setting is available in most gemstones, please email me for more information.


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