Leaf Earrings

Light and breezy, these leaves could have blown off the trees.   And that's just what happened.  I found a leaf like it, brought it to my studio and used it as the inspiration for the earrings; studying and sketching the form.  The sketch gets translated on to a sheet of pure silver. They are hand formed with the ancient art of chasing and repousse.  Each leaf is formed with repousse from the back and chased on the front to give it movement and dimension. Leaf veins have been oxidized to bring out texture and buffed to a semi-high polish. The back is left open to allow the tool marks from the process to be visible. They are suspended from the ears with hand crafted, sterling silver ear wires. Each leaf is its own little work of art.

Fabricated one at a time, no two leaves will be exactly alike.  

Made with pure .999 fine silver. Signed on the back. Earrings are about 1 1/2  inches long. Also available in 24k gold plated silver and pure 22 karat gold.  Please email me for pricing.

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