Greenhouse Effect III- Carved Emerald Ring

 The greenhouse effect is one of the things that makes Earth a comfortable place to live. Bring awareness to our planet with this stunning, slightly asymmetrical, hand carved Emerald cabochon set in a 22 karat granulated gold setting, the newest in my gemstone ring collection.  The flower carving is unique and seldom seen in Emeralds.  Granulated 22K rosettes compliment the stone.  Sterling silver ring band. 

Granulation is an ancient decorative technique, mastered by relatively few goldsmiths. It takes years of practice using the purest of metals. Each tiny granule is made by hand, and making enough for one piece of jewelry can take weeks, then placed one by one using a tiny brush. The piece is heated almost to the melting point. At that precise moment, the granules fuse and become one with the item being granulated. The technique is evident in museum collections featuring ancient jewelry. The 22 karat gold is a special alloy the artist makes, giving it a purity of 98% gold. Sheet and wire is hand rolled from this alloy for fabrication. 

Emerald is said to promote health and vigor by eliminating free radicals in the body. It is said to strengthen and heal the heart and kidneys and to promote circulatory and neurological function. Emerald increases psychic sensitivity and clairvoyance when held over the third-eye chakra. They can open the heart to love and new beginnings.

Fits size 7 1/2 - 8. One of a Kind - ships in 2 - 3 business days.

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