Ancient Echoes II - 22K Granulated Ruby Ring

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Inspired by ancient Etruscan goldsmiths, where these artisans were already creating masterpieces in pure gold wearable art.  Much of their jewelry has survived the ages and their techniques have been revived in the 20th century.  One of the most glorious techniques is granulation.

Granulation is an ancient method of decorating metal using basically the same methods employed in antiquity. Each tiny granule is formed by hand. This can take several days. When hundreds of granules have been made to match each other in size, they are placed one by one on the piece with a tiny brush. The piece is heated almost to the melting point. At that precise moment, the granules fuse and become one with the piece. No solder can be used. Granulated jewelry graces the displays in many museums around the world; a testament to its timeless beauty.

Shown also in diamond.  Available in most gemstones, email me for more information.

Made to order - prices will vary depending on stone and final design choice.

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