Mabe Swirl Earrings - Small

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A free form swirl of gold with granulated accents, surrounds these small bezel set mabe pearls.  Each swirl design is different so no two pieces are exactly alike and each earring will be slightly different.  

The overall size 14 mm or 1/2 inch in diameter.  
Available in your choice of 22k gold or 24k gold plated silver (vermeil).

Granulation is the art of creating a surface pattern on jewelry with tiny balls, and dates back to the third millennium BC. The technique was invented in the Eastern Mediterranean and Egypt and later refined by Etruscan goldsmiths.

The process begins when wire is cut into short lengths and melted into round granules that are placed on the jewelry in the desired pattern. They’re held in place with a temporary glue made from plant sap. In the best examples, the balls are attached permanently with heating (which evaporates the glue), not soldering. However, granulation is a tricky and difficult process because the temperature has to be hot enough to fuse the ball to the surface, but not enough to melt the ball into an amorphous puddle. It only works with pure silver or 22k gold, which doesn’t oxidize when heated. Oxidation would interfere with the fusing process.


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