Murano Glass Intaglio Ring with Wolf Centaur

A Murano glass intaglio with the image of a mythological beast, the wolf-centaur, which is half-human, half-wolf. Centaurs were seen to symbolize duality, primal drive, and paradox.

This transparent turquoise glass intaglio was made entirely hand molded by an artisan in a small town in Italy, using old techniques to create either a transparent, opalescent, alabaster or opaque appearance. The Murano glass is melted using a torch, then pressed into a special clay mold.

When the glass is cooled, it is polished and calibrated with the same thickness.

The intaglio in a pure 22K gold bezel on a pure .999 silver back sheet to enhance the transparency.
Decorated with twisted wire granulation on each side on a half-round sterling silver band.

One of a kind, available in size 8. (Ring can be size from 6 to 10 for nominal fee of $60)

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