Asymmetrical Wedding Ring - 22k and Silver with .2 pt diamond - SOLD


Silver double wedding band is embellished with the ancient technique of granulation, employing the same methods as goldsmiths from the distant past. Granulation takes years of practice using the purest of metals. Each tiny granule is made by hand and making enough for one piece of jewelry can take weeks. Each granule is then placed one by one on the piece with a tiny brush. The piece is heated almost to the melting point. At that precise moment, the granules fuse and become one with item being granulated. Look at museum collections featuring ancient jewelry and you’ll recognize this technique. 

Each granule on the band is placed in a random pattern, with one .5 pt diamonds.

Each ring is made to order and ships in about 2 weeks. Sizing is not possible after fabrication.  If you would like one in all gold (22K) please email me or call me: 609-444-6776 for pricing. 

Wear it alone or stacked with others.

Custom order in your size.  

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