Ancient Intaglio Impression Rings


I collect ancient intaglios which were used by someone in the long distant past to seal a document or show their status.  These intaglios are carvings in softer stones were set made into jewelry in antiquity. 

I was curious to see what the actual image was supposed to look like when pressed into wax or clay.  I found the impressions these seals make are fascinating, as that was the way they were meant to be seen. 

I've taken some of my best ones and made impressions that I cast into pure silver and gold "positive images."  Then, the impressions are set into hammered silver handmade settings and then given a professional, heavy, coating of 24 karat gold.

I have just a few left in the collection.  Roman Warrior on the far left, Egyptian Princess far right, Greek Satyr in center. 

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