Ancient Intaglio 22K Ring

This is an ancient Roman carnelian intaglio of Aequitas or Equitas. She is the goddess of equity and fairness. Aequitas is depicted as a simply cut carving in the late style as a standing figure, holding scales and a scepter.  This carnelian intaglio dates back to the 3rd - 4th century.  The original owner of this gem would have been a merchant or in some aspect of fair trade.  It has survived the centuries; intact and beautiful.

This rare and unique Intaglio is set in an ancient style, 22 karat gold, granulated ring.  The ring comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from a London based archaeologist.

Intaglio measures 10.55mm x 8.82mm x 3.86mm.  Available in size 7 only and ships in 3 - 5 business days.

I have a nice selection of ancient intaglios, please feel free to email me for more information.



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