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I will be teaching an Introduction to Gold Granulation workshop at The Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach. Dates in March to be announced.  


In October 2019, Nancy had a chapter devoted to her in the Princeton oriented book, Fallen Bedrooms by Dr. Donna Clovis.  Dr. Clovis specializes in documentary work and storytelling heard from the people she meets in her travels. Being in the right place at the right time, she focuses on the synchronicity that occurred as she gathered the information through interviews and researching articles. This book is the fifth installment of a series centered on Princeton, examining themes of race, media manipulation, and time traveling via the subconscious.  AVAILABLE HERE


Nancy is the inspiration and talent behind the scenes for Fiona McKay, the fictional goldsmith in the March 2020 release of No Stone Unturned by the NY Times best-selling author Andrea Kane.  She consulted with the author for over a year to bring to the story the techniques and struggles of a working goldsmith in the modern world.  For the Irish story based book, Nancy designed an entire collection of Celtic based jewelry, incorporating her own ancient based jewelry making background into the pieces.  These pieces came to life upon publication of the book and the jewelry can be seen and purchased at:


Students recreate relics to dig into Viking history  Read the article




Princeton University Viking Jewelry Workshop   

Princeton University Viking Jewelry Workshop  


Princeton University Viking Jewelry Workshop  Princeton University Viking Jewelry Workshop



The Tanzanite Rectangle ring is in this December's British VOGUE under the Christmas Carats Collection: