Owl of Athens Venetian Glass Intaglio Ring

Sorry, sold outThe Owl of Athena/Minerva Intaglio represents Athena, the virgin goddess of wisdom; Minerva is her Roman mythological counterpart. In antiquity, the owl was a symbol of prosperity, knowledge, and wisdom.

 The owl is also a symbol of feminism, the Moon, prophecy, and knowledge. The bird can swivel its head 270 degrees, which means that it can see behind itself (as well as in the dark), giving it access to information denied mere mortals.

This ring, set in pure 22k gold on silver, is completely handcrafted. It features a stunning, aquamarine-colored Tagliamonte intaglio. Tagliamonte Vicenza (continue the tradition of Tagliamonte founded in Torre del Greco (Naples) founded in 1943) dedicated its activity to the production of Venetian Cameo jewelry since 1985. Tagliamonte is bringing back a manufacturing style as old as Mesopotamia. Vitreous pastes molded into cameos or intaglios are a part of jewelry history that  has been largely ignored in recent years. 

The style can be traced back as far as the Mesopotamians, but was further developed by craftsmen from the ancient Roman colony of Aquileia. Mr Nino Tagliamonte, with two Venetian artists, dedicated five years of research to this project using authentic 18th century plaster matrix carvings. After numerous attempts, they rediscovered and successfully experimented with original Roman blending, processing, and casting methods. Customization is available and rings can be made in all silver, 18k, or 22k gold.  Clean with mild soap and water – no jewelry cleaner or harsh chemicals. A soft jewelry cleaning cloth is included with your ring. Stamped with artist’s hallmark.

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