Ancient Coin 22K and Diamond Earrings

Although these are one of a kind and sold, these custom made earrings were created for a special occasion using my customer's ancient Greek obol coins.*  Sketches and design ideas went back and forth until a design was chosen. Set in 22 karat gold with .40 carat total weight diamonds. 

Although these earrings are one of a kind, I can create your own custom creation with either your coins or mine.  I also have replica coins available that look entirely authentic but are less expensive than the actual coins.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in a similar creation. Each pair is custom made and will be a one of a kind piece.  Prices will vary and will be quoted.

*(An obol is an ancient Greek coin that has one-sixth the value of a drachma. The first silver obols were minted in Aegina, most likely sometime after 600 BCE. Previously, the unit of currency was iron cooking-spits. One obol became the equivalent of one spit. Obols in Aegina were produced from one gram of silver.   Obol - Brown University.)

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