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Pompeii Pearl Earrings ,

Pompeii Pearl Earrings

Inspired by earrings found in the ruins of Pompeii, these earrings echo the design of ancient goldsmiths and the lost city of Pompeii.  Ancient earring designs frequently featured a double pearl drop from a bar or gemstone.  Nancy has changed the look a bit by adding granulation to the ear wires and using larger, 12mm Akoya pearls.  They are handcrafted in solid 22k gold.

There were wonderful jewelry artisans during this time, supplying these women with numerous styles of necklaces, rings, earrings and arm rings, in precious metals and embellished with pearls, emeralds, carnelians, agate or jasper. Tiny images of birds or animals were carved into the surfaces of gemstones the size of an eraser and earrings were strung together from berry size gems and formed together from dozens of individually curled balls of metal.  Many of the jewelry items found in the ruins of Pompeii included exquisite design, showing that throughout time people love to be adorned with fine gold jewelry.  Read more in my blog post.


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